Side Impact Collision Injuries Lawyer in Sarasota FL

Side Impact Collision Injuries Lawyer in Sarasota FL

Side impact accidents rank as one of the common types of accidents in Florida. With the amount of cars we have on the roads and highways, as well as the traffic congestion, the likelihood of someone getting involved in a car accident is tremendous.

Car accidents can be prevented if all drivers did their part to exercise care and due caution. Unfortunately, this does not always happen—if you have suffered because of a side impact car accident, please contact us right away to schedule a free consultation!

How Do Side Impact Crashes Happen?

If you have been injured in a side impact collision, the investigation process begins so that you may file a claim for compensation. Regardless of whether or not the other driver was at fault for the incident, because of Florida’s no-fault state laws and the other driver was at-fault, you would only file a claim with your personal insurance company.

We represent victims of side impact accidents caused by any of the following:

Running a red light or a stop sign
Making an illegal left turn
Failing to gauge the flow of oncoming traffic

Side impact collisions, also known as T-bone collisions, can lead to serious, if not life-changing injuries for some. As Sarasota car accident attorneys, we are devoted to helping our clients obtain the maximum possible compensation. This can be used to cover the costs of medical treatment, damage to your vehicle, pain and suffering, and lost wages due to being unable to work.

We Go Above and Beyond for Our Clients

Band, Gates, & Dramis, P.L. is a highly skilled and experienced legal team with over 100 years of combined experience. When you retain our services, you have seasoned personal injury attorneys who know how to handle these cases, and we know our way around the legal system. Because of the complex nature surrounding your case, it is our hope that we can help you come out on top.

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