Bicycle Accident Injuries Lawyer in Sarasota FL

Bicycle Accident Injuries Lawyer in Sarasota FL

Injured in a Bicycle Collision?

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Florida is one of the country’s most favorite destinations to visit for vacation. We have the sand, surf, beach, and fun and miles of both land and coast to enjoy it all. Bicycling is a particular favorite pastime in our state, but unfortunately, so many bicyclists have experienced injury and even death because of others’ carelessness.

At Band, Gates & Dramis, P.L. have an understanding of the local traffic laws, as well as the risks that cyclists take on when they share the road with other motorists. We also possess over 75 years of combined legal experience and are equipped to take on any case, no matter how complex the battle may be.

Types of Cases We Handle

There are laws that to protect cyclists from the dangers of motor vehicle drivers. One example are designated bike lanes, which provides a buffer zone between them and vehicles. Another example is through enforcing speed limits those areas. A large number of bicycle accidents are caused by speeding vehicles.

Here are other examples of some of the most common cycling accidents:

Vehicles cutting off cyclists
Vehicles running red lights or stop signs
Vehicles change lanes without looking or signaling
Cyclist injured by an impaired or intoxicated driver
Cyclists struck by or injured by obstacles on the road

Even cyclists who have been riding for years, and have agility, riding skills and awareness of how best to avoid danger, cannot control the actions of others. Most of the time, such an accident can happen when drivers are not paying close attention to what is around them, which in turn, is what causes many of these cycling accidents.

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One of the ways we help those who are in need is by shedding light on the fact that negligent drivers caused an accident because of their lack of diligence and a failure to safely maneuver and share the roads with cyclists.

If you were injured, you might be entitled to financial compensation that can help you recover from your injuries. Compensation can help to cover all of the costs related to your accident, including bicycle repair bills, therapy, counseling, and the emotional anguish that stemmed from your accident.

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