Intersection Collisions Injuries Lawyer in Sarasota FL

Intersection Collisions Injuries Lawyer in Sarasota FL

Intersection accidents occur every day in the state of Florida. Band, Gates, & Dramis, P.L. has been offering legal counsel to those injured in car accident cases, especially when they result in very serious and devastating injuries. We can help you fight for just compensation and seek justice against those who may be responsible for your accident.

We urge you to contact our Sarasota car accident attorneys if you have been injured in a car accident at an intersection. Call us at (941) 366-8010 and request your free case evaluation.

What Caused Your Intersection Accident?

Intersection accidents have the potential to cause serious and potentially life-threatening injuries. These include spinal cord injuries, head injuries, nerve injuries, memory loss, and even the wrongful death of another person. Our Sarasota car accident attorneys strive to help our clients find compensation for their injuries, no matter how serious.

These accidents may occur for any number of reasons, such as:

Distracted driving
Drunk driving
Drivers running red lights
Failing to give the right of way to others
Drowsy driving
Poor road conditions
Bad weather
Changing lanes immediately before in the middle of an intersection

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle is something that all of us have to do in our daily lives. We pass numerous intersections on our commutes and our daily drives. The risk of getting into an accident is tremendous, and as such, these types of accidents often occur most frequently.

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That is why if you have been injured in an intersection accident or any other type of accident, you must contact our Sarasota car accident attorneys as soon as possible. We can help you find some recompense and help you move forward from this incident. You have the right to take legal action to protect yourself. We have more than 100 years of combined experience and a successful history of getting our clients favorable results, in both settlements and verdicts.

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