Boating Accident Injuries Lawyer in Sarasota FL

Boating Accident Injuries Lawyer in Sarasota FL

Florida is known for its sandy beaches and 8,000 miles of ocean. Many of us spend our days out on a boat as a way to pass the time and enjoy ourselves. Because so many boaters are such a huge attraction for residents and tourists alike, we also find that there is an increased number of boating accidents that cause injuries and even death in some instances.
Boats are so attractive, especially during the warmer months, and many people engage in recreational activities such as jet skiing or parasailing. Boats are also used for commercial purposes, such as for shipping and transporting passengers from one destination to the next. Because boats are so prevalent in Florida, there is also greater chance for boating accidents to occur. They can cause accidents can cause millions of dollars in losses and property damage, but also disastrous injuries.
Our job as Sarasota personal injury attorney is to pinpoint the exact cause of your particular accident to determine who and what was responsible for the accident.

Here are some examples of boating negligence:

Boat operators do not have enough training or experience
Not paying attention to surroundings
Lack of safety equipment on the boat
Boating during bad weather conditions or dangerous waters
Defective equipment on the boat
Boating while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs

Negligence plays the main role in any personal injury lawsuit, and we work tirelessly to determine this factor. Boating accidents can be complex, so it is important that you employ the assistance of an experienced attorney from our firm. We understand not only the regulations for boating in Florida but also personal injury law, which can be immensely beneficial to building a strong argument for you.

We Work to Protect Your Legal Rights

Our goal at Band, Gates & Dramis, P.L. is to advocate for your legal rights. We have seen cases where clients are reluctant to take legal action for their boating accident because they think their cases are at the mercy of the water, and individual liability is difficult to prove. However, you should know that that is not always the case. We can discuss with you how you can take legal action and where a lawsuit may be necessary for your particular circumstances. Ultimate, we want you to be able to uphold your legal rights so that your case can be resolved as fairly as possible.

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