Truck Unsecured Cargo Injuries Lawyer in Sarasota FL

Truck Unsecured Cargo Injuries Lawyer in Sarasota FL

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is a government entity that regulates the commercial vehicle and trucking industry. These guidelines detail how long a driver should be on the road and how much weight the commercial vehicle should carry and ensure safety for all on the road. When a truck is overloaded with too much cargo, not only is it a violation of these laws, but it puts others at risk.

When an 18-wheeler truck has been overloaded with cargo, who is responsible for the accident? Our seasoned Sarasota truck accident lawyers can help you during the investigation of your accident and fight for you during the claims process.

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The Effects of Unsecured Cargo Accidents

Unsecured cargo or overloaded cargo can lead to very dangerous accidents. Here is an example: a heavy truck requires more braking distance. These trucks may be in violation of the FMCSA regulations for cargo weight and handling. It is impossible for 18-wheeler trucks to brake suddenly–they need the space and the necessary buffer of space. When a driver tries to brake suddenly, however, such as trying to prevent hitting the vehicle in front or swerving to avoid a road obstacle. These sudden movements can result in the the trailer end of the truck swinging forward and causing a jackknife accident.

Unsecured cargo can lead to many accidents, including:

Loose cargo fallen onto the highway
Toxic or hazardous material spills
Jackknife accidents due to cargo shifting
Trucks overturning as the round corners
Determining liability for unsecured cargo accidents can be a somewhat complex matter. Fault could lie with anyone—the truck driver may have failed to properly inspect the load, or the trucking company may have ignored the regulations regarding cargo weight. It is also possible that whoever packed the cargo failed to secure the load, causing it to spill onto the road. Every piece of evidence recovered must be preserved, and it is our job as Sarasota truck accident to help you with your legal decisions moving forward.

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