Truck Accident Injuries Lawyer in Sarasota FL

Truck Accident Injuries Lawyer in Sarasota FL

Truck accidents can be especially devastating given the sheer mass of freight involved. Working to recover compensation after a truck accident is slightly different than a typical automobile accident since there are more parties involved. Our Sarasota truck accident lawyers understand how truck accident claims work and how to establish fault to recover the compensation you deserve.

Band, Gates & Dramis has the legal experience you need when you are left facing considerable medical expenses in the wake of an accident. With more than 100 years of experience, we know just what it takes to recover what our clients need to move forward with their lives. We will not accept payment until you win your case, so trust our firm to put your needs first at all times.

Who can be held responsible?

A successful truck accident claim revolves around establishing fault, and there are several other parries besides the truck driver who may be held responsible.

Liability can be assigned to any of the following:

Truck driver’s employer
Company leasing the tractor trailer
Truck owner
Truck manufacturer
Owner of the leasing company
Anyone involved in the loading or unloading

Your medical costs will likely be more than your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, which means you will need a determined Sarasota personal injury attorney to handle your claim and pursue whichever parties are at fault.

Determining Liability & Recovering Damages

At Band, Gates & Dramis we can determine if the truck in question falls under interstate or intrastate laws before reviewing the relevant statutes to see how insurance liability will apply. Your case can proceed in several directions depending on which part or parties were involved. jackknife injuries, unsecured cargo and more.

Trust our firm to uphold your rights to compensation after you are injured. We have handled countless truck accident claims so get started on yours today!

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