Negligent Security Injuries Lawyer in Sarasota FL

Negligent Security Injuries Lawyer in Sarasota FL

Business/property owners have a legal obligation to provide adequate security measures on their premises for visitors, customers, and tenants, including protection from harm caused by criminal acts. However, when they fail to provide that sort of protection, their patrons end up being victims of robbery, rape, injury or death.

Properties where negligent security occurs include:

Bars and night clubs
Shopping malls and stores
Amusement parks
University Dorms

At Band, Gates & Dramis, P.L., we understand what it takes to obtain monetary damages for your injuries. If you have been a victim of crime which resulted in significant injuries due to negligent security measures on someone else’s premises, our Sarasota personal injury lawyers can help you recover your entitled compensation.

Proving Negligent Security

Since negligent security involves premises liability, you must establish who actually owns or operates the property. Then you must prove that you have been allowed on the premises, as opposed to trespassing. Lastly you must prove that negligence is the reason you were a victim of crime and/or the reason you sustained severe injuries. Just because you were injured on someone else’s premises doesn’t mean you possess a valid claim.

Examples of negligent security include the following:

Inadequate security cameras
Improperly trained security staff
Poor lighting in parking or common areas
Lack of fences, locks or other security barriers
Lack of proper security measures
Knowledge of frequent criminal acts in the area

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