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    Band Gates Dramis is one of the most prestigious and seasoned law firms in the entire South West Florida area. Members of our firm have been included on the Super Lawyers® list and have an accomplished history of obtaining favorable verdicts and settlements for satisfied clients. Members of our firm are also part of another group called Best Lawyers, a group distinguished by their efforts and dedication to their clients.

    At Band Gates Dramis we like to work, following a simple modus operandi “Dedication. Vigilance. Experience.” We serve all of our clients as if they were family, and by the time their case is settled they are truly treated as such, all our clients receive the personal cell phone numbers of the leading team members assigned to their case, to answer any question that may arise.

    Our firm has experienced attorneys that can handle a wide range of cases including, but not limited to, Personal Injury (of all kinds), Business Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate, and Construction Law. At Band Gates Dramis, the factor that sets us apart from other law firms is the relationship, we develop with our clients. Our attorneys are from right here in the Sarasota area, and truly care deeply about our community. When a client signs up for our services, whether it be with Chad Gates, for real estate and estate planning matters, or George Dramis for construction law cases, or another one of our experienced and tested attorneys, we pride ourselves at always ensuring our clients can call us anytime on our personal numbers, if any questions arise.

    At Band Gates Dramis we specialize in multiple fields of law. One area of law that we like to focus on is personal injury. There are many different types of personal injury cases and each one of those types of cases require specialized knowledge in that particular field, in order to ensure a successful outcome. Some of the different personal injury cases we handle here at Band Gates Dramis are car accidents, truck accidents, slip and falls, premises liability, motorcycle accidents, and wrongful death.

    Car Accidents

    Just as there are many types of personal injury cases, there are also many different types of car accident cases. These include: distracted drivers, head on collisions, rear end accidents, drunk driver accident, texting and driving accidents, speeding accidents, side impact accidents, and intersection accidents. Our personal injury attorneys here at the Band Gates Dramis Law firm are second to none, all our caraccidentlawyers in Sarasota have long standing experience and extremely successful track records. Don’t let a car accident negatively affect your life, call us today for a free consultation.

    Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycle accidents can be as damaging as car accidents, if not more so. For people who have had a motorcycle accident as the driver, or have had any kind of accident involving a motorcycle, our specialized personal injury attorneys in Sarasota have provided immeasurable help and advice.

    Jackknife Accidents

    These are cases in which accidents involve large semi-truck type vehicles break too hard and their large cargo container swings wildly and violently out of control. The US Department of Transportation estimates there are roughly 500,000 trucking accidents each year, with around 5,000 of these incidents resulting in fatalities. Band Gates Dramis handles Jackknife accidents in the Sarasota, FL area and surrounding areas.

    Bicycle Accident

    Sarasota FL is one of the most beautiful places to live and/or vacation, with our sunny says and awesome beaches, it is almost always a great day for a bike ride. Unfortunately, due to all this pleasant biking environment, many bicycle accidents occur due to other carelessness. Don’t be a victim if you or a loved one has been hurt on a bicycle, Band Gates Dramis can help your personal injury case today.  Call us for a free consultation of your personal injury case. Some different bicycle accident cases we handle include:

    • Vehicles cutting off cyclists
    • Vehicles running red lights or stop signs
    • Vehicles change lanes without looking or signaling
    • Cyclist injured by an impaired or intoxicated driver
    • Cyclists struck by or injured by obstacles on the road

    Pedestrian Accidents

    Our firm handles pedestrian accidents in the Sarasota, FL and Manatee County areas. A study conducted by the Center for Disease Control estimates that roughly 70,000 pedestrians are injured by motor vehicles each year. Different circumstances call for different case types. A pedestrian could have a premises liability claim depending on the circumstances. Many pedestrian accidents in the Sarasota FL area stem from driver negligence. Driver negligence can include Speeding, traffic violations, failing to yield to a pedestrian that has the “right of way”, not signaling before making a turn with the motor vehicle, driving hazardously in inclement weather, distracted driving such as texting and driving, driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs.

    Boating Accidents

    The Bay area, including Sarasota FL, truly is paradise, with our luscious beaches and white, sugary sands. With all this awesome outdoor water activities available to the Floridian lifestyle, unfortunately boating accidents are all too common. OurSarasota personal injury attorneys have represented clients with boating cases in the past and are standing by to answer any questions.

    Catastrophic Injuries

    A catastrophic injury can severely effect ones life in a negative way. A catastrophic injury is an injury that largely effects the spinal cord.  The spinal column (backbone) has a series of nerves that all the transmissions of signals from the brain to the body, and vice versa. Damage to this area of the body can directly lead to loss of motor skills ability as well as loss of sensation and even paralysis.

    Wrongful Death

    Any death of a family member or loved one can be an extremely trying time. When the death however, is caused by the negligence of another, this death is even worse, and justice should always be served. Allow Band Gates Dramis to represent your family on behalf so we can successfully handle the legal side of things, while your family can focus on the healing process. There are several different instances in which a wrongful death case can be initiated..

    • Fatal Car Accident
    • Medical Mal Practice
    • An Intentional Assault
    • Any Death Caused by the Negligence or Misconduct of Another

    Band Gates Dramis can review your wrongful death case for free today, give us a call and schedule a case consultation today.

    Workers Compensation

    An injury can occur in any work place, if an employee has been injured in the work place and has sustained a temporary or permanent disability, resulting from this accident, then workers compensation is owed to the said employee. Band Gates Dramis can make sure the employer pays the full amount that is owed to the injured party. Workers Compensation cases covers the following..

    • Medical care, including doctor’s visits, medical testing, medical treatments, physical therapy, prescription drugs and hospitalization.
    • A portion of your wage loss.
    • Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim
    • Death benefits given to family, if accident results in fatality
    • Vocational re-education and retraining expenses
    • Compensation for permanent injuries

    Slip and Fall

    There are several situation and conditions that would constitute a slip and fall. These include but are not limited to: wet or slippery floors, cracked sidewalks, uneven walking surfaces, cluttered walkways, poor lighting, missing handrails, etc. Don’t let yourself or a loved one become a victim because a place of business did not have proper walkways that led to a slip and fall. Call Band Gates Dramis for a consultation today to discuss your options.

    Construction Accidents

    It no secret that many people are packing up their things and moving to Florida. This is excellent for our Florida economy, but this also means extreme growth in many sectors. With all this vigorous growth in and around Sarasota FL, construction accidents are un-avoidable. One of our Partners here at Band Gates Dramis, George Dramis, is one of the highest quality construction law attorneys in the entire South West Florida area.  George Dramis has extensive knowledge in the construction law field, many years of experience, and he knows this area as well as all the building codes, extremely well.

    Premises Liability

    There are several types of premises liability claims, most commonly dog bites, negligent security, Insufficient maintenance of the premises, Damaged conditions on the premises, Swimming pool accidents, Flooding or water leaks, Fires, Chemicals or toxic fumes, and more. Band Gates Dramis handles all these types of premises liability cases. Our law firm has been representing these personal injury, premises liability cases in the Sarasota, FL area for a combined experience of over 100 years.

    Business Law

    Band Gates Dramis has an extensive legal team that has an extremely extensive background in business law, especially in the Sarasota FL and Manatee County areas. Every business owner should have a seasoned Sarasota business lawyer on call always, because a business is a living entity, it has so many components and moving parts, and as any business owner knows, anything can come up at any time.  Let Band Gates Dramis business law team be your on call law advisers for any and all issues that your business may face. We have over 100 years combined experience, some of the business law services we offer include but are not limited to,

    • Formation
    • Real estate
    • Contracts
    • Transactions
    • Dissolution

    Estate Planning

    Band Gates Dramis is excellent estate planning and has been helping families in the Sarasota, FL area with estate planning for many years. Band Gates Dramis can help clients with putting together a plan for their assets, potential guardianship, estate administration, and more.  We can ensure our clients families are well taken care of after they have moved on. We assist clients in all the following

    • Estate taxes
    • The division of assets
    • Tax advantages related to your estate
    • Gifts to charity
    • Special needs care for disabled loved ones

    Real Estate Attorneys

    Band Gates Dramis has extensive experience in real estate matters. Our firm has been serving realtors, home sellers and home buyers in the Sarasota, FL and Manatee County with an awesome track record of happy clients. Our real estate attorneys specialize in closings, refinancing, and lending aspects of real estate law. Our seasoned law firm can guide our clients through any buying or selling process of real estate. We do both commercial and residential real estate law. Our real estate team also handles open land, homes, or developmental property, regardless of the situation.

    Band Gates Dramis has proudly served the Sarasota, FL and manatee County area for many years. We provide personalized legal solutions to our clients for a favorable end result. Band Gates Dramis has numerous and newly renovated conference rooms, to welcome our community to our new offices, we are offering free case consultations for all the above listed cases. It is Band Gates Dramis goal to not only meet, but exceed our clients expectations. Call us today and secure the representation of our trusted legal team.

    Our law firm is able to stand by our clients side in a huge range of law circumstances from personal injury, such as car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death etc. We also handle many work-related accidents, such as workers compensation. As well has have in in depth knowledge of Estate planning and Real Estate matters. Band Gates Dramis also has a team that is second to none at business law.

    Sarasota, Florida is a quickly developing community with a lot of development happening every day and more projects starting and being planned every month. We are proud to be one of Sarasota, Florida most trusted and tested law firms. We have represented many of our local businesses and citizens and have served Sarasota FL with dedication and vigilance for a combined experience of over 100 years.

    Our Partners

    Our partnered attorneys live in Sarasota FL and care deeply about the community. One of our partners Chad Gates for example participates in numerous charity programs and organizations such as:

    • Sarasota Boys and Girls Club Foundation, Inc.
    • The Tarr Charitable Family Foundation, Inc.
    • The Tillie, Jennie & Harold Schwartz Foundation, Inc.
    • The Rubin Charitable Foundation, Inc.
    • The Harriet and Raymond Brush Charitable Foundation, Inc.
    • The Betty and Marie Healy Family Foundation, Inc.

    Another Partner, a founding member of the law firm, David Band’s community involvement includes:

    • Officer and Director, Sarasota Ballet
    • Trustee, YMCA
    • Vice-President, Director of Caring Children’s Charities
    • Trustee, John & Mable Ringling Museum
    • Trustee, University of Florida Law School
    • Trustee, Sarasota Memorial Hospital
    • Advisory Board, Sarasota Sheriff’s Office
    • Advisory Board, University of South Florida
    • Born: Washington, D.C., October 8, 1936
    • Military Service: Capt., U.S. Air Force, 1962-1965

    George Dramis, another partner of our law firm participates in our community in the following organizations:

    • St. Martha’s Catholic Church
    • Mote Marine Laboratory Advisory Board (former member)

    Visit our website at or call us at 941 366 8010 to discuss your case or schedule a free case evaluation.  Our attorneys stand apart because of our dedication to our clients, allow us to prove this to you today.

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